Complaints Procedure


As a firm we are committed to a high level of quality legal advice and client care. In the unfortunate event of something going wrong we would need you to notify us as soon as possible. This will assist us to maintain and improve our standards of service. If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of the service you have received, please contact us on 0800 619 1167 or email or by post to our office at Complaints ,Swift Immigration ,Ground Floor, 2 Woodberry Grove, London, England, N12 0DR.
Our complaints procedure
If you have a complaint, please contact us with the details. If we have to change any of the timescales set out below we will notify you.

What will happen next?
1. Within 2 weeks of receiving your complaint we will send you a letter acknowledging your complaint and ask you to confirm/ explain the details. In certain cases we may request for us to meet in person to clarify certain details.

2. We will then record your complaint in our central register and open a file for your complaint and investigate your complaint. This may involve one or more of the following steps.
• We will consider your complaint again. We will then send you my detailed reply or invite you to a meeting to discuss the matter.

3. Within two days of the meeting we will write to you to confirm what took place and any solutions we have agreed with you. In appropriate cases we could offer an apology, a reduction of any bill or a repayment in relation to any payment received.
Swift Immigration intends to resolve any complaint within 6 weeks of receiving it.

If we cannot resolve your complaint to your satisfaction, you can refer it to The Legal Ombudsman, whose contact details can be found below. Note that there are restrictions on who can use the Ombudsman service, which is primarily for individuals and small organisations (businesses, charities and clubs): contact the Ombudsman for further details. There are also time limits for bringing a complaint, as follows:Within 6 years of the reason (the act or omission) for your complaint (or within 3 years of you becoming aware of it);Within 6 months of receiving a final written response from us about your complaint. Alternately, you can contact the Solicitors Regulatory Authority to make a complaint,however in most cases you should complain to the Legal Ombudsman first. More details on when you should complain to the SRA can be found here.


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