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About Us – Swift Immigration

Trading since October 2016 and incorporated in 2018, Swift Immigration with its team of highly skilled and qualified barristers and solicitors has the experience and the resources to guide you through the complicated process of applying to come to the UK.

Our goal is to create a transparent, fixed price service with a fast turnaround. Each caseworker or solicitor will only work on one application at a time, rather than in traditional firms where your case is passed between many different caseworkers, delaying the outcome.

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Swift Immigration is a trading name of IAA Solicitors which is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (835353).

Our Focus is on the Service and Outcome for the Client

We take the time to listen to our clients and understand their requirements and their concerns, related to the visa and immigration process. We understand how people feel when faced with legislation and legal jargon about a subject they are not experienced in.

When you ask us to work for you we quickly build a relationship and keep you informed at each key stage of the visa application process.

As an indication of our commitment to our clients we offer a free second application if the first is refused subject to terms and conditions.

Our Specialities Areas

Our experience and legal knowledge extends through the whole range of immigration and visa applications, and we have three specialist areas in which we regularly excel and surpass our client’s expectations.

Visit Visa Application

Applying for a visitor visa without professional assistance is a difficult process that can lead to delays in obtaining a visa, and rejection due to not following the process.

Your caseworker will focus on just your case, and use their vast experience to save you money and time with their knowledge of the visitor visa application process. Just being eligible for a visitor visa isn’t always enough. Your evidence of meeting the strict criteria has to be presented in the right way to ensure success. We know what you need to qualify, and how to get a successful result. Contact us to discuss your visit visa requirements today.

Spouse Visa Service

Our affordable Spouse Visa application service can help you to swiftly bring your partner to the UK.

Our team of caseworkers and legally trained experts will talk you through the application process for a Spouse Visa. They will simplify the whole process and deal with any issues and concerns that you have. You’ll be helped with all the paperwork and form filling, and assisted to present the most effective case to the Home Office.

To learn more about our Spouse Visa Service, contact us or check your spouse visa eligibility


Surinder Singh

The Surinder Singh route is a process where British citizens who have lived and exercised treaty rights in another EU country can return to the UK with their spouse, children, parents and grandparents of the British citizen or spouse.

It’s totally legal and we can make sure your applications are processed quicker than if done in the UK. There are many more excellent benefits of using the Surinder Singh route and we will be happy to answer any questions that you have, and help you to get the most benefit from this service. Contact us to discuss the possibilities, or see more about Surinder Singh

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