Surinder Singh Route

Surinder Singh Spouse and Family Visa

What is the Surinder Singh Route?

The Surinder Singh route is a process where British citizens who have lived and exercised treaty rights in another EU country can return to the UK with their spousechildrenparents and grandparents of the British citizen or spouse.


Is it legal?

Yes, The Surinder Singh route is transposed in Regulation 9 of the EEA Immigration Regulations 2006.


How does the visa take

Your spouse’s visa is usually issued within 4 weeks.


What documents do I need?

We help obtain a visa for your spouse in EEA State, the only documents you need are your passports and marriage certificate.


What income do I need?

There are no income requirements for this visa unlike the Spouse Visa UK route.


Which country do you recommend we live in?

We would recommend Malta due to its proximity, language and cultural ties to the UK however we can assist your family member in obtaining a visa to any EU country.

What about my accommodation?

We can introduce you to estate/letting agents and provide you with contact details for private landlords in the EU state


What is exercising treaty rights in the EU country?

One of the conditions to benefit from the ‘Surinder Singh’ route is that you exercise treaty rights meaning that you are either employed, self-employed, a student or self sufficient in the EU country.

We can introduce you to employment agencies Paid employment or provide contacts who can help set you up with a website and online business to work from home as self

If you prefer not to work, we can help you establish yourself as self-sufficient so you can spend time with your family and explore the EU country.


How long do I have to stay in the EU State?

The law defines the minimum time you have have to spend in the EU country as 3 months and a day, however we would recommend that you stay in the EU country for 6 months. After that time we arrange for you to return to the UK with your spouse immediately.

We can help check all your documents and assist your return to the UK.

The Surinder Singh route has other advantages over directly applying for a UK Visa. EU countries usually process these applications within a few months compared to the UK processing time , which can take up to 8 months and is liable to be refused. The other advantages of the EU route are the ability to claim benefits on the return to the UK , access to the NHS free of charge and the ability to obtain a student loan for your spouse and family members. The UK visa route limits access to welfare for 5 years for both spouses.