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Q: Why should I choose you over other immigration firms?

A: You can have complete confidence in us, we are an award winning firm and are authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (835353). We start your case when we have all the required information and your dedicated solicitor is prohibited from doing any other work until your application is complete. We offer very impressive turnaround times ranging between 24-72 hours.
Our prices are highly competitive and you will not find another company charging the equivalent with the same professionalism and quality of work.

Q: Do you really do a second spouse application for free?

A: Yes, we are confident in the quality of our work and have the highest rates of success. In the first quarter of 2018, our UK Settlement application refusal rate was 3% compared to the average UKVI refusal rate of 26% for UK spouse visa applications. We want all of our clients to be 100% satisfied so we are happy to offer the 3% a second application free of charge.

Q: How do you complete quality applications in such a short amount of time?

A: We have dedicated caseworkers/solicitors/barristers working on individual cases around the clock. We start your case when we have all the required information and our staff are prohibited from doing any other work until your application is complete. Our staff give your application the care and attention it needs from start to finish allowing us to provide a quality service in such short time. All our cases are checked by our highly experienced barrister.

Q: Your fees are a lot less than comparable immigration companies, how do you charge such affordable rates?

A: Since we are an online and telephone based company, our sales and admin team can relay your case straight to your caseworker who will spend their time solely on your application. This efficient process cuts out unnecessary face to face meetings/consultations and the need for a large building with sizeable staff is massively reduced.

Q: Who will be dealing with my case?

We have 5 staff who work on immigration cases. Supreme package cases are usually dealt with fully by the director and solicitor Mr Jinnah Ghulam, who has over 12 years of immigration experience. The associate solicitor Mr Mohammed Uddin has three years of immigration experience and works directly with our other 3 cases workers:

Mr Junaid Mansoor a trainee solicitor with over 2 years immigration experience.

Mr Deji Ayodeji – a trained immigration caseworker with nearly two years immigration experience.

Mr Jonar Alegre –  an immigration caseworker with nearly one years experience.

Rest assured, whoever your caseworker, we take the upmost case and diligence in completing your case and all work is supervised thoroughly by Mr Jinnah Ghulam.



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